La Quimera Rociera Dancehall is main benchmark of the rociero halls in Madrid, originally a flamenco tablao, it evolved drinking from the art and the duende of its artists until it became a reference for rociero art in Madrid.

Dance hall and quality show, with groups and live performances* every day, with kind treatment, joyful atmosphere and fiesta in an authentic Andalusian room in the heart of Madrid, next to the Plaza Mayor.

La Quimera is more than a Sala Rociera, it is a bit of South of Spain in the heart of the capital, where Andalusian culture lovers will find like at home from the moment they enter the door.

Arco de Cuchilleros, Plaza Mayor

Sala Rociera in Madrid

If you want to dance to the rhythm of Sevillanas, share experiences to the sound of flamenco guitar and enjoy night in the best atmosphere, the Sala Rociera La Quimera is your place, with free entry from 0:00 a.m., with a first drink of € 12 , and you can enjoy until 5:00 am. in Calle Cuchilleros, 7 Madrid.

Flamenco Nights

What happens from 00:00 hours in our Tablao has revolutionized the Noche Madrileña: We remove tables, a dance area is enabled, and fandangos, tangos and bulerías give way to live music performances, sevillanas and rumbas to enjoy flamenco night with friends and good vibes until 5:00 am.

And if you want to enjoy a professional show, in our Flamenco Tablao will live best artists show every day of the week.

*Some live music performances need ticket for this day. Ask our Schedule.